About the artist

I have always tried to find time to be active in painting since a teenager but have lost out to the needs of a demanding scientific career. Over the past few years, however, I have managed to have a more consistent approach to producing material - though have always been a keen observer of art within all this period.

I am carried along by the need to express ideas in tangible form - either by writing or using various modes of art and design. Sometime these themes blend together. Conventional art media provides a great many ways in which to translate ideas and concepts into a visual output. Having a primarily professional scientific background, I am also interested in exploring new technologies for artistic expression - where we live in an age with access to an increasing number of these. I believe that the development of art themes spills over into our more mundane everyday lives where the ‘earthing’ of abstract ideas using art will also produce new intuition and insights within the 9 to 5 world - in whatever we do. It is also apparent that art is a great means of communication between individuals, within organisations and also within society at large - though its value is generally underestimated.